Saturday, March 24, 2018

Best Code Script CMS for Building a Dating Site 2018

Dating script ph7cms is open source code. If you want get licensi  and all fiture buy ($399).

Dating Script (From $149.95)

SkaDate ($399)

PG Dating Pro (From $299)

Dating Site Builder (From $29.95 Per Month)

DatingSoftware+ ($495)

Chameleon (From $224)

Softbiz Dating Script ($99)

VLD Personals (From $99.95)

SoftDatePro ($39)

iCupid ($299)

AspNetDating (From €290.00)

AzDGDatingPlatinum 2012 - ($145 - $345)

LoveStory – ($58)

Sweet Date ($58)

MyMatch ($50)

DateMill (FREE)

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Turn of VT-X on Bios (android studio version 3)

- Restart your computer,
- Next to bios: enter F2 or Delete 
- UI on bios select tab menu Advanced , Virtualization Technology klik option Disabled.
- Save and Exit
- Run Android Studio > testing run AVD (android virtual studio)

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Flippa Vs Codester Vs Chupamobile Free Download & Buying Sourcode App

Three sites that provide services for buying and selling applications. Services that bring together sellers and buyers in one container.

Flippa is a fairly popular and trusted site in service providers selling and buying applications, users who will sell their apps with an auction system. Application developers can sell the source code of the program by paying a fee to Flippa if the application is sold.

The application developers in addition to selling mobile applications android OS and IOS, can also sell the domain and website that has been running.

The same service site with, but there is more dominant in products sold by the member of application developer that is android app, Ios and theme website. you have free download at Codester.

The site of this service providers more that offer smartphone applications Android OS and Apple IOS. Applications are made on average using Java and Xcode programming languages.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

How To Set Permanent Password TeamView

  1.  Run TeamViewer , click tab Extras > Options
  2.  Click menu Security
  3.  Input Password, and Confirm Password. click dopdown menu password strength : Disabled (no random password) and klik ok. Good luck for you...

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DOSPRN Recomended Software Program DOS TO USB

For a few days googling Software to print out from older versions of MS DOS to USB port printers, test your application in Free Trial form, from DOS2USB and Printfil during installation which I think is not simple and until print out printout does not match what's in the MS DOS program, tables that can not be answered. and configure which I think is very time consuming. Then after Surfing again I found Free WinPrint Software and OpenSource, WinPrint is free software but this makes it difficult for me to configure the MS DOS program, if for printing file from file format (.txt ,, pdf, .dat, .dta and others ) WinPrint software is really easy. Will hope and not always the same.

Continuing to do Google Surfing for a Shareware version of DOSPRN software testing Easy installation and configuration is not complicated, DOSPRN software produces custom printouts as expected. DOSPRN shareware version of its limited features if after printing some printed sheets will block or watermark "DOSPRN UNREGISTRED". will certainly be very disturbing vision when reading the printout. finally I immediately drove to the site DOSPRN.COM, there are several languages ​​with the available country symbols there is Indonesian language.

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